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AmazonBasics Cylinder Bagless Vacuum Cleaner | Up to 40% Off

*Amazon Best Seller* AAA performance in terms of cleaning performance and energy efficiency.  High Power Suction, Low Sound and HEPA 12 Filter.

Amazon Best Selling

Amazon Basics Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner for home


700 Watts of Power

This vacuum cleaner is perfect for home as it provides 700 watts of power, smooth-rolling manoeuvrability, and a reusable dust bag.


Hepa 12 Air Filter

It's latest Hepa 12 air filters captures more than 99.5% of all fine particles including dust mites , pent danders giving your home the best cleaning.


More than 937+ Ratings

Bought by more than 800 buyers on Amazon


Incredible suction power

Comes with A rating for hard floors and a D rating for carpet. Enjoy your cleaning time. 


  • Easy-Empty Dust Cup - For hassle free maintainance, the vacuum cleaner's removable dust container can be easily emptied over a trash bin to dump the collected dust.
  • Floor and Dust Re-Emission Class (A) - It is highly effective in cleaning bare floor surfaces, it comes with an A rating for hard floors and a D rating for carpets.
  • Energy Efficiency Rating (A)- It carries the an energy efficiency rating of A (most efficient) which means less electricity bills and less impact on environment.

Best in Class Features

Roborock S5 Vaccum Cleaner

Removable and Washable Filter

It's easy to wash filter gives you efforless cleaning.

Roborock S5 Vaccum Cleaner

Cyclonic Technology

It's cyclonic technology provides you the intense suction power that will captures the dust, pet hair and other debris.

Roborock S5 Vaccum Cleaner


It comes with wide variety of  accessories that are useful for reaching at tight spots, bookshelves and tabletops.


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