7 Best body trimmer for men in India 2021 | Body Groomer Reviews

Are you searching for the best body trimmer? Then this is the right web page for you because we will be listing out the best body trimmer for men in India 2021 here with 7 body groomer reviews. Along with the reviews, we have also tried to include a short buying guide so that you can make the selection carefully.

I think every man knows that keeping a beard is not an easy task at all or more specifically, maintaining it. For proper maintenance, you need patience, time, care but the heart of all these is a trimmer.

Not only that a trimmer can remove the extra hair from your beard but you can use it for improving your overall look by creating a precise beard outline. Besides beard, you can also buy a body grooming kit so that you can use the body groomer for private parts or trimming your head hair too.

In every field, personality plays a vital role as carrying a stylish and elegant look is very important to get the first impression. If you are planning to keep beards, then we suggest you not buy a trimmer as, after some days, you may no longer feel to keep the beard, and then the trimmer will become useless.

Without wasting any more of your precious time, let’s get started with the body groomer reviews:

7 Best body trimmer in India reviewed –

1. Philips cordless trimmer body grooming kit (QP2525/10) –

Best body trimmer for men in India

Product Description –

For the first place, this is the best body trimmer under 2000 that you can use for style, trim, shave, and also keeping your skin soft. This has been designed with a revolutionary new technology for men to maintain their beards with style.

After charging it for 8 hours, you can use it for up to 45 minutes cordlessly. It is equipped with dual-sided blades for easy styling that enables you to move in either direction. You can achieve an even trimming with this best body trimmer including 3 trimming combs (1, 3, 5mm).

It also has a protective plate on the top of the cutter thus protecting your skin with the dual protection system. You can easily clean it under the tap since it is water-resistant and the blade is very long-lasting that should be replaced after 4 months.

  • Range of Trimming: 1-4mm.
  • Warranty provided on registration – 2 years.

Pros –

  • Very flexible.
  • Ergonomic use like a razor.
  • Perfect styling of beards, moustaches, etc.

Cons –

  • With regular use, the blades have to be replaced after 2.5 months.

2. Panasonic body grooming kit | Best body groomer for men –

Panasonic Men Body Grooming Kit

Product Description –

This is the second-best body groomer for trimming your hair, beard, and moustache and you can also use these for underarms or any other private places as it is one of the best groomer for private parts. You can conveniently use this trimmer for both hot and wet hair as per your needs.

It is equipped with high-performance blade based on Japanese Blade technology so that you can cut precisely. It consists of a dial by the turn of which you can adjust the comb up and down easily. This body groomer has been designed ergonomically including a soft-touch grip.

This body grooming kit includes 4 different attachments that you can use for trimming or contouring the hair. Thus for easy and effortless operation, bring home this best cordless body groomer for 50 minutes that you can carry anywhere since there is no disturbance of wires.

  • The length settings range: 3 to 15mm.
  • Warranty provided on registration – 2 years.

Pros –

  • Durable and best body groomer.
  • Nice trimmer with smooth shaving experience.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Sharp and good blades.

Cons –

  • The service of this brand is not good.

3. Braun trimmer and hair clipper for men (BT3221)

Braun Best body trimmer in India

Product Description –

If you want to maintain your style effortlessly, then this is the best body trimmer for men with utmost accuracy. It comes with lifetime sharp blades with 50 minutes of cordless trimming.

This trimmer is equipped with a precision dial for 20 length settings to offer you an effortless trimming experience. By employing the main trimmer head, you can create accurate and precise lines on the neck and cheek.

It is based on German technology with an ergonomic built quality that provides you enough comfort while holding. The trimmer is sharper, faster, and much more efficient than the previous generations of this trimmer.

  • Trimming range – 0.5 to 1.0mm.

Pros –

  • Compact and powerful with a sleek design.
  • Stylish and trendy.
  • Good battery life with effortless operation.

Cons –

  • The trimmer is a bit heavy.

4. LetsShave best body trimmer for men –

LetsShave Beard, Body & Head Trimmer

Product Description –

This is one of the best body trimmer under 2000 that you can go for that offers you the ultimate control over the contours of the face, body so that you can get a comfortable and precise trimming experience.

This body grooming kit consists of two trimming combs that have a precision dial for changing the length settings. Being equipped with the latest technological Li-ion battery, it can provide you 90 minutes of usage once fully charged for 2 hours only.

This trimmer consists of sharp stainless steel blades that can provide you a precise and accurate trim. The blade can also be rinsed with tap water as it is fully water-resistant. There is an indicator for making you aware of the battery status.

It is very convenient to use and you can make use of this in both corded and cordless ways. Therefore, bring home this best body groomer for men and enjoy a flexible and comfortable experience while trimming your beard, head, or body.

  • Length settings: 1-10mm and 11-20mm.
  • Trimming: can go as low as 0.5mm.

Pros –

  • Very smooth and efficient operation.
  • The charging time is very fast with good battery backup.
  • You can also use this body groomer for private parts smoothly.

Cons –

  • This is a good product but few customers suggested that there are some better products available in this range.

5. Philips best body groomer for men (BG1025/15)

Philips Showerproof Body Groomer for Men

Product Description –

In the 5th position, we would like to include this best body trimmer under 1500 that you can use for all body areas including sensitive or private parts too.

It is equipped with a unique skin protection system that keeps your skin soft and safe from the sharp blades. There is no need to replace the blades and you can clean it by holding it under the tap water or shower as it is showerproof.

The groomer requires 3 AA batteries for the operation that makes it cordless and hence easy to use. The 3mm body comb enables you to trim off long hair too. The rubber grip ensures the proper grip of the trimmer so that it does not slip from your hands while holding.

  • Cutting width of this groomer – 32mm.
  • Warranty provided on registration – 2 years.

Pros –

  • Protective and secure.
  • The product is well-built.
  • Water-proof and good for removing hairs.

Cons –

  • Not rechargeable.

6. SYSKA body trimmer/groomer for men (corded/cordless usage, HT3333K)

SYSKA body trimmer/groomer for men

Product Description –

At an affordable price, this is the second-best body trimmer under 1500 that can help you to achieve the best stylish and elegant looks easily.

It needs to be charged for only 2 hours and that can enable you to use it for 60 minutes. It comes with 10 lock-in length settings with 3 attachments. The self-sharpening stainless steel blades offer an efficient and versatile trimming performance.

This groomer consists of LED indicators that help you to keep track of the charging status. It is very light in weight that helps you to carry it with you while going on trips.

  • Length Settings: 1-10mm with 0.5mm precision.

Pros –

  • The appearance and the finishing of the product is nice.
  • Powerful blades, motor.
  • Good battery life.

Cons –

  • The device seems very delicate to handle as per few buyers.

7. Philips Beard Trimmer for men (BT3211/15) –

Philips Beard Trimmer for men

Product Description –

Coming back to the Philips brand again, this is one of the best grooming options for you. This comes with an ergonomic design that makes it the perfect choice for cleaning hard-reach areas.

You need to charge it for 1.5 hours to fully charge it and you can use it in the cordless mode for 60 minutes. It also consists of indicators to show you the battery status like low, full, empty, or charging status.

There can be 20 lock-in length settings with 0.5mm precision. The blades with rounded tips are much skin-friendly with no heating issues and skin cuts. Thus, bring home this best trimmer with a long-lasting performance.

  • Length settings: 0.5 to 10mm.
  • Warranty provided from the date of purchase – 3 years.

Pros –

  • The built and the material quality are great.
  • Nice looks and comfortable grip.
  • Long-lasting performance.

Cons –

  • The travel pouch quality can be improved.

Buying Guide for choosing the best body trimmer for men in India 2021 –

Although there are plenty, let us see some of the factors or features you must consider to buy the best body trimmer for men in India:

  • Built Quality/ Lasting –

Whenever you will invest some money in a product you are buying, it is better to consider how long that product will last. The same goes for trimmers too. It is essential to check the durability and sturdiness of the trimmer you will be purchasing.

  • Blades Quality –

You can consider this one as a category of the previous factor. It is because, for a trimmer to be durable, it is also important to check the blade’s quality and the better option is to go with stainless steel blades. The metal of the blade being stronger, sharper cutting you will get.

  • Ergonomic design –

Besides the normal looks and design, it is a major factor to check the ergonomic grip that the trimmer comes with so that it does not slip off from your hand accidentally while using.

  • Length settings –

Everyone prefers their beards to be of different styles and for that, you need a beard trimmer that comes with adjustable length settings. A trimmer is considered to be versatile when it has various length settings so that you can change the style of your beard anytime.

  • Battery Life and Charging Time –

Most of the trimmers come with the dual functionality of a corded and cordless one. The cordless model is more convenient to use as you do not have to mess up with the wires while styling up your beard and is more essential if you want a body groomer for private parts. For this, you need to check the battery backup and the charging time of the trimmer. Many best body groomers are designed with advanced technologies to reduce the charging time.

  • Dry/Wet operation –

This relies on your daily trimming time routine, whether you take it before/after the shower or during taking a shower. For the former case, you can choose a trimmer that offers a dry trimming operation whereas, for the latter one, you need a trimmer with a wet trimming operation. However, there are many best body groomers or trimmers that facilitate both dry and wet operations.

  • Budget –

As compared to the normal razors, these are quite expensive, so you must choose a budget before purchasing. If you have gone through the above list, you will find some of them are the best body trimmer under 1500 and some are under 2000 as well. You need to select your budget and make a proper choice within that budget.

  • Benefits of trimmers over razors for men –

Of course, a trimmer is used to style your beard and save your money from going to a salon daily. But, there are some other points that make usage of the trimmers beneficial.

Prevention of Flaky skin –

During the winters, it is a common problem of having dry skins or some people may have natural flaky skins. This can be treated by applying moisturizers to your skin but having thick beards can be a problematic situation to do so. Hence if you have a trimmer then you can easily trim off the beard to take care of your skin by easily applying moisturizers.

Can prevent bacteria formation –

Again, having thick growth of beards on face can cause a lot of bacteria formation which can cause several rashes or allergies to the skin. That can cause a lot of irritation, so buying a good quality trimmer and keeping yourself groomed can be a way out for getting rid of these irritations.

Styling your looks –

You can always go to a salon and ask the barber or stylist to style up your beard as your wish but you may not like the style after they do it. So, having a trimmer yourself can solve this problem as you can style your looks as per your wish anytime and anywhere.

There are more benefits that can be listed out but these are some of the common advantages that make trimmers to be one of the essential gadgets to be included in your list.

How to take care of the trimmers so that they last long?

Here, we will provide you certain tips for cleaning a trimmer to use them for a long time:

  • The power supply has to be switched off and the trimmer should be separated from the power adapter.
  • Then the trimmer cap has to be taken out following which you can find several hair on the blades.
  • If your trimmer is water-resistant then hold it under tap water to remove all those hairs.
  • After that, you need to shake the trimmer so that all the water drops from the trimmer and the blades.
  • Now, you place the trimmer on a towel for allowing it to dry and then apply some oil on the edges of the blade.

In this way, you can maintain your trimmer in a proper way to use it for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Q1. Which are the best body groomer or trimmer brands in India?

The best body groomer brands in India include Philips, Panasonic, Braun, Syska, etc.

Q2. Which is/are the best body trimmer under 1500?

We have picked up two models regarding the best body trimmer under 1500 which are Philips body groomer (5th product) and the one from SYSKA (6th product).

Q3. Can the trimmers be washed with water?

Not all trimmers can be washed with water, for this, you need to check the specifications before like whether it is water-resistant or not. 

Q4. Are there any health problems that can happen due to the use of the trimmers?

If you use a trimmer from a good company with good features, then there are fewer chances of any skin problems. But, continuous usage can cause several rashes or allergies, thus it is better to use a trimmer 2 or 3 times a week.

The Final Thoughts…

We hope that this article has been helpful for you concerning the selection of the best body trimmers for men in India. All the seven products listed above are the best ones that we have picked up from thousands of products available.

Therefore, you can go with any one of those to get maximum benefits. We prefer the Philips brand among all the available brands but that does not imply the rest of the brands are not good. They also can stand with it and that’s why we have included them on our list.

Thanks for landing here and going through it. Come back again to get more useful guides about some other essential items for your daily lives. Till then, stay blessed!

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