12 Best glass top gas stove 2, 3, 4 burner India 2020

Kitchen equipment is always a question that requires some attention, whether on the refrigerator side or the best glass top gas stove. You have to assess your needs and, above all, adapt your choice according to the number of people in the household and the frequency.

The best glass top gas stove in India is a kitchen equipment that offers a lot of flexibility for cooking food. The choice of gas is, above all for an economical choice and also a practical one.

Using a gas cylinder or even town gas makes cost management easier and currently even less expensive than electricity. Finally, cooking with gas means a more temperature rise and gentle cooking that is beneficial for the food.

Choosing a gas stove is relatively easy if you know certain technical elements. It goes without saying that we will also focus on the piece of furniture where it will be kept.

Before that, let’s dwell on the characteristics to check before choosing a glass top gas stove. We have compiled a list of criteria that allow you to better understand how to find the best glass top gas stove.

Criteria while Buying Best Glass Top Gas Stove in India

The size of the table: We can imagine the size must be matched with the piece of furniture you are going to choose. A gas stove is measured lengthwise and crosswise. You should also be sure of the height of the whole.

In fact, the table is placed on a piece of furniture, and you will have the gas supply system on the underside. Ideally, if you are not on town gas, it is good to choose a piece of furniture where you will be able to place the gas bottle under the table for easier access.

The type of burner: An essential point to check before buying your stove is the fact that it is forbidden to install a propane cylinder indoors.

So if you decide to place a gas cylinder in the house, it is imperative that your burner is butane after the installation of propane is possible outside but requires access close enough to the kitchen. 

The number of burners: From a general point of view there is a glass top gas stove with 4 burners or 5 burners. One can wonder if it is necessary to leave on a smaller table for a family of 2 people or if it is always necessary to take 5 burners. From our point of view, the 5 burner table is a bit bigger and will therefore ask you to choose a larger piece of furniture. 

If space is not a problem, then it is more than advisable to choose a 5-burner gas stove that offers better distribution with its large central burner. Also if you like to cook, it is easier to work on a table of 5.

Indeed with four burners, you can find yourself with a lack of space in the event that you heat a large pot. Of course, there is a price difference between the two, but you will quickly find yourself with the convenience of use, especially on the day when you have guests at home.

Lighting the Gas Stove: We can no longer imagine lighting our stove with matches. The modern tables are equipped with piezo for automatic ignition. We will still have to check this point, which may be obscured by some manufacturers.

Note that a gas stove with piezo therefore needs to be connected to the mains at a socket. When installing in the kitchen, you must therefore remember to bring an outlet nearby.

Safety: We suspect that this point is essential. It should be checked whether the gas stove has safety valves and possibly automatic shut-off to avoid accidents in the event when the flame is blown out. Indeed, it is important that a room does not fill with gas with the risks that this can entail.

Grill material: Choosing fossil fuel for your stove means choosing radiant heat for cooking. Therefore, it is advisable to have a cast iron grid that will improve the distribution of heat to your pots. Cast iron is also a heavy material which helps prevent breakage from too violent handling.

Best Glass Top Gas Stove in India:

1. Lifelong Glass Top 3 Burner

best glass top gas stove

For those buyers that are thinking of investing in a decent looking, user-friendly, and brightly presented glass stove, then the life-long 3 burner gas-stove is probably one of the perfect options.

With satisfactorily spaced burners and fantastic bowl service, this really is one of the popular 3 burner gas stoves offered in the industry. That can be Most Useful Glass-top Gas-stove India.

Besides the remarkable design, you can find a number of different activities that produce the life-long gas cooker, a fantastic pick for that Indian domiciles.

Anti-skid feet create the cooker excessively stable even though your own kitchen platform includes a glistening finish. Even the 6mm glass applied from the gas cooker is very simple to wash qualified to manage the beautiful utensils.

So, if you were trying to find a cook-top with adequate appearances, efficient dressings, and also fantastically affordable price, then this 3 burner gas Stove Top from life-long will be a perfect pick for you personally. Take to your hands onto it, and you’ll cherish the performance.

2. Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas

Elica Vetro best glass top gas stove

This best glass top gas stove is from the brand Elica. The MNC was set in the year 1970 over less than 50 years ago. It has taken one of many primary markets worldwide in making gas stoves, chimneys, as well as additional kitchen fittings.

The merchandise rules this list due to its slick black perspective, durability, and value to money besides the newsworthiness of Elica. It has 1000s of happy clients that have fallen in love with this 3 burner gas stove.

The system by Elica includes 3 lasting brass burners with a manual ignition approach. Every one of these burners produces a great and equally dispersed fire. 2 dishwashers are big enough to support conventional size utensils. The center burner is for smaller vessels.

It has two years warranty for this specific Elica gas-stove. Within this period of time, the company is going to provide replacements or services when anything else goes wrong because of everyday usage. Keep in mind that the warranty doesn’t cover damage or breakage resulting from accidents.

3. Prestige Premia Schott 3 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige 3 burner gas stove in India

Prestige is another reputable Indian manufacturer of kitchenware that is quite well known in this nation. It has made top quality services and products since its beginning. If you’d like a sturdy stove that may live for decades, then the item fits the bill just perfectly.

This gas cooker contains 3 tri-pin brass burners that ensure uniform heating and optimum usage of gas. The average person’s pan service is designed to offer pans and pots service that they will need to remain in place.

These gas grills generate a solid fire that’ll allow one to cook a three-course meal very quickly! This gas cooker version with stature appears sleek, which holds a combo of white and black to merge with the insides of your kitchen. There’s a warranty of two years on this item. The toughened glass comes with a warranty of life.

4. Prestige Magic Glass Top 2 Burner Gas Stove

Prestige 2 burner gas stove glass top

The Prestige Magic Glass 2 Burner gas cooker is very productive and more cost-effective for a category of 2-3 burners. It’s shatterproof and toughened glass high adds charm into your kitchen also looks amazing.

It’s smartly designed ergonomic knobs are user friendly. It has different forms of tri-pin burners, and that means it is possible to use various forms of utensils for cooking.

Also, they are built to prevent gas leakage to get efficient and secure cooking. The gas cooker also has a streamlined layout to save lots of counter space.

Made with 100% borosilicate glass, even the containers are constructed to continue for quite a while in spite of routine usage. This glass material can help in preventing clarity and prevents scrapes, discoloration, and odors. So, if you are looking for the best 2 burner glass stove for a small family, then you can go for it.

5. Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove 4 Burner

Lifelong best glass top gas stove in India

There are lots of good reasons for adding a particular product from the listing of gas stoves in India. Primarily, this 4burner gas cooker includes a toughened shatterproof glass. Additionally, the glass top looks fantastic. Also, it surely will give your kitchen a superior feel.

Second, this gas cooker comprises four high-quality burners. The group of these 4 burners guarantees the greatest performance by distributing the flames.

At precisely the exact same period, they’re also optimized for fuel-efficiency. Additionally, there’s adequate distance between bolts, which permits one to use massive utensils with no trouble.

Its thick pan supports are all strong enough to give considerable support for the cookware. They maintain their balance also do not fall off unintentionally.

Yet another vital quality of this gas-stove is anti-skid feet. Frequently you may apply pressure whilst cooking, especially during the right time of skillet pan that could trigger accidental slipping of this cooker and wastage of food. So, its anti-skid feet averts the cooker from slipping. Thus, it prevents you away from such risks.

6. Sunflame GT Pride Glass Top 2 Brass Burner

Sunflame 2 burner best gas stove glass top

Sunflame is popularly known for offering very good quality gas stoves at sensible rates. This 2 burner glass top gas stove performs better and includes an excellent design.

It uses gas in contrast to other similar stoves to generate heat. Burners are of premium quality and feature drip trays that need maintenance. The bottom is constructed from metal that makes it lasting. The glass top is more durable and could be easily washed with a very simple kitchen cleaner or moist material.

 Even the matt ended base, smooth knobs, golden plated European and sauces coated plate service offers this kind of gorgeous appearance. If you are having a small family then you can check out this 2 burner gas stove in India.

7. Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 Burner 

Prestige 3 burner gas stove

Prestige is one of the biggest brands in India that sells several excellent services and products at reasonable prices. The Prestige Royal Plus metal 3 Burner Gas Stove drops nothing short of superiority also gives some pretty great features.

Firstly, the Prestige Royal Plus Metal 3 Burner Gas Stove gets a Little unique excellence. It’s a mixture of great looks and performance that may make it a fantastic companion for the kitchen.

To make sure that the roughest durability variable, Prestige Royal Plus Metal 3 Burner Gas Stove is Composed of a high-quality Schott glass. It easily matches the premium high-quality standards ensuring lifelong endurance without much matter.

The gas valves are of top quality, and also you also won’t locate any rust. Specifically, it’s created for delivering high performance and difficulty-free cooking experience.

Maybe Not every contemporary date petrol Includes person pan assistance and where the Prestige Royal and Stainless 3 Burner Gas Stove excels. With this specific gas cooker, you are able to cook your preferred meals on a pan, either cooker or your own preferred tandoor.

Also, it offers good equilibrium and prevents food from spilling to great extents. Thus, together with Prestige Royal Plus metal 3 Burner Gas Stove, you obtain all-purpose heating that cooks food at double-quick time.

Using a correctly designed knob is really a blessing for Virtually Every household mother. They could easily restrain the fire according to the demands of their gas stove. Additionally, the knob causes it simpler for your own palms to catch and a nice tune to restrain the fire. 

Thus, in the Prestige Royal Plus metal 3 Burner Gas Stove, the burners are intended to absorb the smallest amount of gas as achievable. And because of that, you can perform far better cooking in just a brief length of time.

At Prestige Royale Plus metal 3 Burner Gas Stove, you also have to observe exactly the exact same sort of brass burners that are made under extreme testing requirements. It supplies an exact warmth to every container area and helps to ensure that the gas cooker works for years without maintenance. Under this warranty, every manufacturing flaw is coated, particularly the interior parts.

In almost any situation, in the event the gas-stove ceases working, you could telephone the prestige help center. Then, they’ll be accountable to restore your gas stoves without even paying anything.

8. Pigeon By Stovekraft 2-Burner Glass Top

Pigeon glass top 4 burner gas stove

Pigeon is another large kitchen appliances manufacturer in India. It’s famous because of the appliances. The best glass top gas stove provided by Pigeon, perhaps it is one of the very most budget-friendly 2 burner stoves in India.

We chose the item solely predicated on its functionality and price. Because of this budget range, it’s an excellent product.

Additionally, the burner has a good heat supply to all the burners, which probably may be the essential feature an individual can simply take into consideration.

In terms of the look, you could not think a lot of the style with this minimum budget. However, It has an attractive looking glass top, caliber dishwashers, sleek knobs, along powdered dish service. So, if you are looking for a cheap 2 burner glass top gas stove in India, then you can go for it.

9. Elica 4 Burner Auto-Ignition Glass Top 

Elica 4 burner gas stove

First, this glass top gas stove made by Elica has a top excellent glass finish. Additionally, you won’t have to be worried about scrapes whilst the glass has scratch-resistant property. The top aesthetic and quality appearances make it among the best gas stoves in India.

Second, Four burners enable one to cook exceptionally fast. At precisely the exact same period, the multi-flame control feature makes the cooker nearly all energy-efficient.

Among the substantial advantages of the item is the fact that it is accompanied by an auto-ignition feature. Thus you never have to spark the stove. Even the auto-ignition work also will help reduce the degradation of gasoline.

This gas stove includes superior quality alloy knobs. The springs are made from premium quality materials to guarantee durability and frictionless spinning. It easily manages the fire depending on your needs.

It ensures safety whilst still cooking. Additionally, specifically designed ring burners support nearly every sort of cookware using different dimensions and contours.

At length, the slim aesthetic appearance makes the product perhaps one of the very attractive gas stoves offered in India. The design with the gas stove will increase the total look of one’s kitchen. If you have a large family and want a beautiful gas top gas stove, then you can go for it.

10. Elica 3 Brass Burner Cooktop Stove

Elica 3 burner glass top gas stove

This cook-top gives superb overall performance and advanced safety functions. The product will not just come with an amazing Ultra slim floating design but also with high-quality features, which additionally ensure the durability of the product.

This gas stove comprises two large burners alongside one small burner. Burners are put beautifully. For this reason, you may use each of three burners at the exact same time with no hesitation.

Yet another vital quality of the gas stove is its auto-ignition functionality. That you never have to spark this cooker by hand or with a matchstick.

At any time you switch on the knob, then it will get a flicker mechanically. There are mostly two benefits of auto-ignition functionality. It lowers the wastage of gas.

Further, controller knobs are lasting, user-friendly, and of superior quality. Pan supports are manufactured from cast iron and constructed attractively; therefore, tey are able to take various types and sizes of utensils. Finally, this free-standing cook-top is not hard to put in and provides you good cooking experience.

11. Prestige Marvel Glass 4 Burner

Prestige Marvel 4 burner glass top gas stove

In today’s age, multi-tasking is becoming a part of our everyday life. That you never have plenty of time for cooking. This gas cooker can be your very best companion in this situation since it includes four beautifully designed burners.

It’s possible to quickly prepare four meals simultaneously. In any case, the spill-proof style of burners enhances the operation of the item, and they’re simple to wash also.

This gas cooker includes an exemplary quality shatterproof toughened glass top. The glass surface is durable enough and suitable to wash. & above all, it appears fantastic, that’ll enhance the ambiance of your kitchen.

Additionally, the tri-pin burners offer an optimal supply of fires, which implies uniform cooking. Permanent pan-supports supply the essential equilibrium of one’s cookware, plus they’re particularly designed for carrying contours utensils with ease.

Last, the ergonomically constructed knobs are all straightforward to work with. You’re able to get a grip on them perfectly in accordance with your requirements.

12. Elica Vetro Glass Top 4 Burner

Elica vetro gas stove glass top

To start with, this gas cooker will tremendously impress you with its elegant layout and decorative appearance. It’ll add a superior feeling and increase the ambiance of your kitchen. And in addition, it prevents the pan from cutting while cooking.

This gas cooker comprises superior quality toughened glass high finish. This four-burner gas cooker includes two medium and two small-sized thick brass burners, which let you use various sorts of utensils depending on your needs.

These high-quality burners are particularly intended for fuel efficiency and consistent operation. Thus they enable one to save time and fuel.

Moreover, durable metal service plates are found below the burners, which further improve the durability and dependability of the product or service. Additionally, high-speed control knobs appear smooth and fantastic to work with.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Gas Burner?

If you want to buy a gas burner, you still need to pay attention to certain criteria. Below, we have put the most important and clear checklist to help you make the best buying decision possible.

We are confident that you will find a good product in the Gas Range category if you take our criteria and recommendations into account when searching for products.

Criteria to take into account in your purchase:

Manufacturer: Are there known manufacturers for the Gas stove?

Options: Are there audio and informative reviews about the gas burner?

Size: What size of the product is needed or even possible?

Consumers Association: What are the current test results of the gas burner consumer organization?

Test Results: What products are currently in the Gas Cooking Test Winners category?

Price: How much money do you have, and are there any practical gas burner offers?

Comparison: Finally, a full comparison of products and prices based on the relevant criteria is necessary!

Based on the checklist above, you can identify different products during the purchasing process that are suitable for your needs. Finally, you should do a comparison and evaluation to identify the best product in the Gas Stove category for you.

If you are unsure of how to choose a gas burner, then be aware that the pan should be equipped with papers, a dent-free surface, leaky gaskets, and other damage. Don’t forget the capacity of your kitchen. A small room does not need a high-efficiency burner. 

In order for your home heating system to function properly and efficiently, it is important to be careful when choosing a gas stove. The proper functioning of a gas stove helps in reducing costs as well as a good product will have a high level of efficiency and safety. 

This device forms a combustible mixture of air and gas and sends it to a boiler for combustion. A modern gas burner is universal, it can be connected to a gas line, gas cylinder, or gas tank. The gas stove is the most important part of gas heating. The burner ensures that natural gas is burned as efficiently as possible.

There are options for gas stoves combined with a solid fuel unit or with electricity. There are universal burners that run on diesel if needed.

The gas burners of the ovens installed in the furnace of a fireplace or a country house are similar to each other. They have a combustion chamber (heat exchanger), a housing, an exhaust system, ducts for hot air, and an automatic unit.

However, there is one fastening detail, each with its own characteristics – a gas burner for the pan. It is responsible for the efficiency of the heating system, performance characteristics, fuel economy, safe operation, and other important parameters.

The gas burner goes with the process of mixing gas with oxygen. It is the control unit of the fuel combustion process. This allows you to set a specific mode that is configured to the temperature level required for heating. Boilers and ovens often have the same burner models.

Single-stage atmospheric gas burners for household ovens are not difficult to use, they are easy to install in the heating unit. They do not require electric soaking. This burner is located at the front where the oven door is.

It is important. To receive a burner, you must know its performance. It is the ability of this model to process a certain amount of fuel in a certain period of time.

The consumption of fuel flowing through the burner can vary considerably and depends on its design.

Nozzles in gas ovens must be safe and energy-efficient. This is possible if you meet all the technical requirements. Self-activity in this area can only be detrimental. Therefore, the installation of gas burners should be carried out by specialists.

Test: The different functions of a gas burner?

Depending on the type of order, the calorific output of the burner can be as follows:

single-stage – the fuel supply is automatically connected and disconnected;

two-stage – when the heater can be put into economy preheating mode;

Floating adjustment – smooth power change.

By type of air supply:

atmospheric – no connection to electricity, the air does not go more than 90% by gravity;

inflatable – depends on the power supply, the air is supplied by the fan with the chamber closed, and the efficiency is over 90%.

As the burner can be equipped with:

electronic ignition – does not have a permanent ignition igniter, depends on electricity;

Piezoelectric ignition – not connected to the mains.

Household – easy to maintain, used for cooking in the country.


Heating – In bathrooms or other rooms to maintain the temperature.

How does the gas burner work?

The central task of the gas burner is to burn the gas in the boiler as little polluting as possible and with maximum energy efficiency. The better a gas burner operates, the lower the fuel consumption, which translates into lower emissions and lowers heating costs for the consumer.

How gas burners work?

In order for natural gas to be burned in the gas burner, the gas is first directed to the burner through a pipeline. A special gas pressure regulator ensures that gas flows to the burner in the desired amount and at the required pressure.

At the same time, enough oxygen must be available for the gas to burn. This is the reason why the heating rooms have ventilation openings through which the combustion air is supplied.

To ignite the gas-air mixture, a “piezoelectric ignition” is generally used. It is a thermoelectric ignition process which guarantees a high level of safety.

Ignition is done by means of a spring and a special crystal. Once lit, the spring hits the crystal. This creates a voltage between two metal contacts, which sets off a spark that sets the gas on fire.

As soon as the burner is in operation, the energy produced by combustion is converted into thermal energy. A heat exchanger is used for this purpose. It absorbs heat and heats the water, which is conducted to the various radiators through a system of pipes.

All burners can be divided according to the type of ignition:

Electronic type: They do not have a constantly working igniter. Work needs electricity. Electric ignition is one of the most practical inventions for modern heaters. Thanks to this, the operation of the stoves became as pleasant as possible. Electric ignition allows the burner flame to be ignited safely without the use of wicks or lighters.

Piezoelectric ignition burner: Electricity is not necessary.

Sometimes special working conditions are required. For example, burners are installed in the stove for a bath, which must distribute the flame well. These are conventional separators or collectors. This is how gas cookers work.

Comparison of the different types of gas burner

If we consider the gas burner from the point of view of the regulation of heat output, all models can be divided into the following categories:

One story. In this case, gas is automatically supplied (turned off) when the rheostat signal is received.

In two stages. The burner has a design option to switch to economy mode. This process is adapted automatically.

Burner with floating adjustment. The burner output can be continuously adjusted from 10 to 100%.

Inflatable burners are fully automatic like atmospheric burners and are supplied with a blower that supplies air to the combustion chamber. When installing an inflatable burner in a wood stove, it is not necessary to place it exactly in the middle of the combustion chamber.

The burners are divided according to the type of air supply:

Atmospheric: In this design, no electricity is required as air is supplied to the burner under the natural effect of the thrust. The efficiency is not very high, not more than 90 percent. It is a simple design: a pipe with holes in which fuel is supplied.

It works in open combustion chambers. They can be quickly transformed into liquid fuel if necessary, and the life of these burners is very long. However, these burners are subject to increased safety requirements.

Supercharged: They are also called burners, blower, or fat burners. It’s a pretty complicated construction. The air for the burner is supplied by a fan. In this case, the combustion chamber is closed.

The efficiency is over 95%. Ovens equipped with such burners do not need bulky chimneys. At the same time, the oven is stable even at low gas pressure. However, they generate a lot of noise and are volatile.

Diffuse kinetics: Part of the air in the combustion chamber is injected, and the rest is injected directly into the flame. The burner can overheat in large appliances with high heat capacity and high oven efficiency. It is recommended to use a model resistant to high temperatures.

Test: What are the advantages of gas burners over wood stoves?

environmentally friendly raw materials

are considered the most convenient – a steam bath, for example, can be used after heating for only 60 to 80 minutes by opening the shut-off valve.

significant efficiency of the equipment

compact systems

takes up less space

the possibility of automation

Savings – 20-30% firewood and 100-120% electricity.

The burner is the heart of any gas heater. The performance of the heat generator, the degree of efficiency, safety, and functionality, in general, depend on this element.

Here, gaseous fuel and oxygen are mixed, automation and main control mechanisms are arranged to ensure stable combustion in different modes.

The usual location for gas burners is at the front of the oven. When choosing the burner, take into account the rated output in kW – this is an important technical characteristic that mainly depends on the possibility that a certain model of the burner will burn a certain amount of gas over a certain period of time.

How to Clean a Gas Burner

The burner is the part of the stove through which the gas arrives. It is light in color and made of aluminum.

Quite often, the action that many people take to clean them is to soak them in water and baking soda, or worse yet, put them in the dishwasher.

It is a pity that aluminum in contact with basic solutions tends to darken. They get darker, and they don’t look as bright as before.

I suggest you clean them with Lemontrì (or if you don’t have Lemontri, with citric acid).

Proceed as follows:

Put the stove in a saucepan.

Water covers

Add 60 ml of Lemontrì (about 2 tablespoons)

Leave it for 10 minutes.

When the water has cooled, scrub the burners with an abrasive sponge.

If the dirt is stubborn, you can use fine steel wool (you can find it at hardware or craft stores).

Each burner is equipped with a flame diffuser.

Cleaning is very simple and, you just have to wash them as you would a dirty dishes: water and dish detergent. 

The only downside is the charred dirt that can settle on the top.

In this case, CARBONATE is very useful.

Proceed as follows:

Put the flame diffuser in a pot or bowl.

Covered with water

Add half a teaspoon of carbonate.

Leave on for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes of soaking, rub with the abrasive sponge.

Water rinser and dryer

FAQS About Glass Top Gas Stove Burner

1. Is gas from Gas Stove dangerous for Us?

Ans. Too much inhalation of the gas from the gas stove can be dangerous.

2. Do the gas stove turn off directly?

Ans. Most glass top gas stoves that we have reviewed above have automatic shut-off and motion sensor features.

3. Which is the best brand to buy Gas Stove?

Ans. There are many good brands like prestige, lifelong in the market.

4. Which is a better gas stove or electric stove?

Ans. It depends on your requirements and needs.

5. What happens if gas leaks from the stove?

Ans. A gas leak can be very dangerous. So, you must use the gas burner very carefully.

Final Words

Choosing the best glass top gas stove in India is a long-time investment. So, you must think and analyze carefully before making any purchase. We recommend you to go through our buying guide carefully before buying any gas stove.

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