7 Best solar panels for home use available in India

Searching over the Internet for the best solar panels available in India? Then wait here, this is the perfect blog as you will get all the information along with the reviews of the 7 best solar panels for home use available in India. We know there are a lot of solar panels on the Internet and hence it can be confusing about which one to buy. Thus, our team has conducted a research on various models to come up with the top products for narrowing down your search from hundreds to only seven.

Solar panels have become a necessity these days in India because most of the countries face the problem of power cuts. You can always argue that generators or inverters are the best appliances to go for helping during power cuts. But both these appliances are quite confusing to use and make a lot of noise with costly maintenance too.

On the other hand, solar energy is free and thus utilizing this natural energy can be the best or perfect solution for managing the power shortage problems in India. Let’s start with the reviews now!

7 Best solar panels for home use in India reviewed with pros/cons –

1. LOOM SOLAR solar panel for home use (40W) 

Best solar panels available in India
One of the Best Solar Panel for home use in India

Product Reviews –

This is one of the best solar panels available in India at a very reasonable price that you can buy to charge your mobile, power bank, or small battery up to 20Ah. This is one of the best solar panels for home use available in India.

It is reliable with white tempered glass and EVA resin with a back sheet that keeps it protected from severe environmental conditions. The new reinforced frame design of this solar panel ensures superior durability enduring a front-load up to 6000Pa and a rear load of up to 5400Pa.

This model is backed by 25 years of power output transferable warranty and a one-year performance warranty.

Pros –

  • A good amount of electricity can be produced.
  • The built quality of this solar panel is great.
  • Great value for money item.

Cons –

  • Few users felt the customer service is not up to the mark.

2. Luminous Solar Panel for home use (105W)

Best solar panels for home use available in India

Product Reviews –

From one of the best-reputed brands, this is one of the best solar panels for home use in India that requires 10 sq ft with 1m connecting wire for reliability.

It has been designed using a high-tech aluminum frame that guarantees the durability of this product with a withstanding power of 5400Pa. This is equipped with high-performance Grade A solar cells along with PID resistant technology and integrated with a very powerful reflector 

enabling sunlight redirection back from the cell.

The solar panel comes with pre-drilled holes for easy mounting. It is backed by 25 years warranty for the performance and 5 years on the product.

Pros –

  • The working performance is fine.
  • Efficient, durable.
  • Excellent quality.

Cons –

  • Nothing till now.

3. LOOM Solar panel for home (50W-12V)

Loom solar panels for home use

Product Reviews –

At a comparatively reasonable price, this is one of the best solar panels available in India that is also Amazon’s choice product. It offers best-in-class efficiency with innovative cell technology ensuring optimal solar power generation.

This product is built with top-quality glass and solar cells along with the Mono PERC technology that provides higher performance in low light and cloudy weather conditions. The compactness and lightweight feature of this solar panel enable you to carry it anywhere with you easily.

The model is backed by 25 years of power output transferrable warranty and 10 years on any kind of manufacturing defects.

Pros –

  • The quality of the product is very good.
  • Useful for light shortage areas.
  • A top-quality product for a decent price.

Cons –

  • The size of the screws provided is not correct.

4. D.Light solar light with a solar panel for home use (S200, 2.3W)

Best solar panels for home use in India

Product Reviews –

Purchasing this product will offer you a two-in-one solution with a solar rechargeable light along with a small size solar panel. The bright and super-portable light comes with an option to charge your mobile as well.

The light has three brightness settings with a USB adapter that you can use to charge it with the solar panel provided. That USB can also be used for charging your mobile, so just by charging the solar panel, you can get two options of light and your mobile charged too.

This product is backed by a 2-year warranty from the purchase date.

Pros –

  • Easy to carry being super portable.
  • Durable.
  • Good quality.

Cons –

  • You need to charge the light for two days to fully charge it.

5. SPARKEL polycrystalline solar panel (10W)

Sparkle solar panel for home use

Product Reviews –

This is one of the best solar panels for home use in India below 1000 with a robust aluminum body and PVC corner protector. You will also be provided with a two-meter wire for connecting it to your device.

If you need to charge a 6V 4.5Ah SLA battery, then it requires around 2 hours 45 minutes that increases doubly with the voltage and enhanced Ah. This model is equipped with A Grade solar cells for increased performance.

Pros –

  • The metal frame used is great.
  • Works well.
  • Worth your money product.

Cons –

  • Nothing specific.

6. ZunSolar polycrystalline solar panel (50W)

Best solar panels available in India

Product Reviews –

Producing 0.2 units of electricity per day, this solar panel can be categorized as one of the best solar panels available in India. It can be an ideal investment for small-scale shop owners, homes, street vendors, etc.

This model ensures to provide a continuous source of energy. The silver-anodized aluminum frame is also robust and durable, therefore, enables you to use it for a long time. 

With the clean energy produced by this solar panel, a mobile phone can be charged three times and power a LED bulb and fan for 6 hours daily.

Pros –

  • The working efficiency is perfect.
  • The looks are very pretty.
  • Excellent finishing with versatile design.

Cons –

  • The packaging was not good as per some buyers.

7. Luminous polycrystalline solar panel (325W-24V)

Luminious Solar panel

Product Reviews –

If your budget is high and wants more amount of power, then this is the ideal solar panel that you should go for. It is backed by 25 years of warranty concerning the performance.

The high-strength aluminum frame design ensures the durability and robustness of this solar panel with advanced EVA encapsulation. It also features advanced PID resistant technology to ensure safety against loss of power.

The anti-reflective coating enables you to get enough light in lower light conditions. The high-torsion-resistant feature makes it appropriate to withstand winds and snow loads, hence you need not worry even if you mount it on your rooftop.

Pros –

  • Excellent product with super after-sales service from the seller.
  • The quality of the materials is awesome.
  • IEC certified solar panel.

Cons –

  • No negative points to be mentioned.

How to select the best solar panels for home use available in India? || Buying Guide –

The factors to determine the best solar panels are a bit tricky than other things. For preparing the above list consolidating the top 7 products, we have checked all the essential factors and filtered among hundreds of products. We want to discuss some of those factors here:


You will find mainly three types of photovoltaic panels out of which the below first two are the most common ones.

Mono-crystalline panel – The cells are made of single-crystal polysilicon where silicon is formed into bars and then cut into wafers. These panels offer the best-in-class efficiency but the most expensive ones as well.

Poly Crystalline panels – As the name suggests, these solar PV panels are made of multiple and small silicon crystals. It involves the silicon fragments melting and converting them into wafers.

Thin Film – In these types of solar panels, the solar cells are mainly of amorphous crystalline, Cadmium Telluride, or CIGS. Of all the three types, these ones are the least efficient.

Among the above three types, the most commonly used solar panels include mono crystalline and poly crystalline. Thus, go for the one that you want and also suits your budget.


For a solar panel, efficiency means the amount of sunlight that it can convert to electricity. Better efficiency will remove the need of extra panels, so it is a critical factor in the case of limited spaces. 

The formula that you can use to measure the efficiency is,

Percentage of efficiency = [Output power per sq m/Input Power per sq m]/100.

Tolerance level:

Ideally, if a solar panel is 100W, then the output power it can generate will be 100W only. However, there is a tolerance level of +/- 5%. So the range of output power will be from 95 to 105W. It is better to buy a solar panel that offers a positive tolerance level.


This is such a factor that you need to check for anything you are buying and the same goes with the solar panels too. You must check the material of the frame and other features that can tolerate different environmental conditions for mounting it outdoors. It is also a good idea to go with the ones that are certified with some reputed certifications.

Power requirements:

You must check this before purchasing the solar panel like whether what are the appliances that you want to power using that solar panel like LED bulbs, fans, or charge your mobile phone. This can help you to select the right wattage solar panel for your home.


For purchasing any item, you should decide on a budget and then search for the best ones that fall within that budget. At first, check that all your requirements are met and then consider the one that features all those needs within the price range you want.


You should check the warranty period of the product that you will be purchasing since more warranty period is always desirable as that can help you to get free services for any issue. Thus, go for such a solar panel that provides more warranty durations.

Hence, above are some of the factors you need to check for selecting the best solar panels for home use in India. Are you still confused? Scroll above to go through the seven top products and select one among them as per the reviews, pros/cons mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Q1. Which are the best solar panel brands in India?

Ans: The best solar panel brands include Luminous, LOOM SOLAR, SPARKLE, etc.

Q2. What are some of the factors you should consider to purchase the best solar panels available in India?

Ans: There are certain important factors you need to check like the power requirements, efficiency, durability, cost, etc. Go through the buying guide section to know all of these factors in a broader view.

Q3. Where solar panels should be installed? (Direction)

Ans: Though this varies from one country to the other, for India, the direction should be towards the South.

Q4. Why the direction of solar panels should be towards the South?

Ans: India is in the southern hemisphere, thus the Sun while traveling from east to west has an inclination towards the south so keeping the solar panels in that direction helps it to get the maximum amount of solar energy.

The Final Verdict –

As we all know, solar energy is clean and green energy that causes no harm or pollution to the environment and, therefore, solar panels are so much popular these days in India. Besides, it can also help you to remove the worry of higher electricity bills.

We have tried to deliver all the important information regarding solar panels in India with reviews of the top 7 best solar panels for home use in India. If you want to know more regarding the products, just visit Amazon and read out all the customer reviews, and then decide the one that you want.

Hope you have liked this article, thank you!

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