8 Best USB LED light in India 2021

Searching for some portable light source to work or study easily at night? Then the gadget you should buy is a USB led light. We will be reviewing the top 8 best USB led light in India 2021 among which you can select one for your own needs or gift your beloved ones.

USB led lights are compact and lightweight thus making them portable so that you can carry them with you while going out for camping, trips, or sometimes from one room to another too. 

These USB led lights are flexible and portable LED lamps that you can plug into any USB interface for getting enough light to accomplish your task even in the dark. So, simply these are required to illuminate any dark area.

As there are a lot of models, hence it can be confusing to make the right choice. To narrow down your search, we have consolidated the 8 best USB led light in India 2021 in this article. 

We have included some of the best-led light for work at night and the best-led light for study too.

So, just determine your purpose and make the right selection among these.

Reviewing the top 8 Best USB LED light in India 2021 –

1. MANSAA USB string LED lights for decoration (10m, 100 LED)

Best USB LED light in India

Product Description –

This is the best USB led light that you can use for home decoration at a very reasonable price. Not only home but you can also use it for outdoor uses like decoration of your tent during camping or any part, wedding, etc.

It comes with a 5V US plug that enables you to connect it to a mobile power bank or laptop. This 10m long string consists of 100 LED lights that will decorate your room and change the atmosphere to a new level. The wire is made of copper that is long and flexible enough to use for any kind of party, wedding, or any other purposes.

Being very durable, you can easily bend it to wrap around plants, furniture. After using it, you can simply make it a coil and store it for using it next time. The wire is shock-proof and well-insulated so that there is no problem in touching it, thereby making it safe for both indoor and outdoor.

With proper use, you can maintain it for 5 years with a warranty of 18 months.

Pros –

  • Weatherproof and cost-efficient.
  • Very energy efficient.
  • Nice illumination with great brightness.

Cons –

  • The wire is not so thick so you have to use it carefully.

2. SaleOn USB led light for laptop, study or other uses

SaleOn Portable USB LED light

Product Description –

If you want one of the best led lamp for work then this can be an ideal choice to buy at a very affordable price. This is perfect for notebook computers, desktop, or any other mobile power supplies.

This is the best led light for work at night as it is super bright so that you do not face any problems while working in the dark too. It has flexible metal bellows that you can rotate and adjust the angle as per your needs. 

The lamp is portable thus you can even take this camping, trip and attend your online classes even in the darkness with this best led light for study. You just need to plug in this lamp to any USB port and it will instantly offer you enough light to work or study conveniently.

This USB led light for laptop is popular among the buyers for its long-lasting feature of 10,000 hours with a power consumption of less than 40mA.

Pros –

  • Very flexible and durable.
  • Serve as the best led lamp for work even during power cuts.
  • Nice and excellent brightness.

Cons –

  • The customers reported that the price is higher than the MRP printed.

3. Cables Kart portable USB led light for laptop/PC

Best USB LED light lamp

Product Description –

This is one of the best led light for work at night or during traveling. You can easily connect to any USB source and work easily even in the dark because the 28 LED lights are enough bright to illuminate your keyboard.

It requires no battery to operate and comes with a gooseneck arm that is flexible enough to adjust the direction of light. This USB led light for laptop is compatible with both USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. If you are staying in a hostel and do not want to disturb your roommates then just connect it to your laptop and carry on studying by switching off your room lights.

The lamp is very light in weight and compact so you can easily carry it in your pocket anywhere. Thus, the 28 bright lights with durable stainless steel flexible neck make it the best led lamp for work or reading.

Pros –

  • Very useful and long-lasting product.
  • Nice illumination, not only your PC or laptop but it can illuminate your whole room too.
  • Portable, lightweight.

Cons –

  • The price is slightly high.

4. Crazo Fashion Mini USB LED light for laptops, reading (5 pieces)

usb led light  for laptop

Product Description –

If you want multiple best led light for study or work for your full family, then this can be an ideal option at a very reasonable price. With 5 different attractive colors, these lights offer you extreme convenience.

It is very light in weight and of small size thus can be carried easily anywhere you need. There are no batteries required for these lights, you can just connect them to any USB interface for getting bright light. These lights can be bent according to your requirement for adjusting the angles.

With the pure bright and sharp light, this USB led light stands as the perfect choice for any important night activities like reading or working.

Pros –

  • Easy to stand still.
  • Nice brightness with sharp visualization.
  • Great value for money is very much pocket-friendly.

Cons –

  • No negative points have been reported yet.

5. OPPLE LED under cabinet light with USB (1ft LED, 5 ft cable)

Best led light for study

Product Description –

Though it comes at a slightly higher price than the above-listed ones, it is the best USB led light for study that you can buy and attach it under the cabinet. Then you can just plug into any USB port device to get super bright light.

This light has been designed in such a way that there will be no eyestrain even after keeping it on for long hours. You can use it as the best USB led light for work at night, in the kitchen, for reading books, wall lamps, etc.

The manufacture has guaranteed that this LED light will last for more than 15 years by using it for 3 hours/day with 2 years of warranty. The installation of this light is super easy just as a normal LED tube light. 

Pros –

  • Nice and bright to fill up the entire room.
  • Good quality.
  • Super brightness and illumination.
  • Easy installation.

Cons –

  • The light is a bit costly.
  • The magnets are not very strong.

6. Warm portable USB led light for laptop

portable usb led light

Product Description –

We have picked up another best USB led light at a very affordable price with a set of 4 pieces. You can connect it to any USB powered source and get bright light that can help you to accomplish your task easily. It is lightweight and very easy to use. 

No matter whether you have to complete your homework or work on your project, this led light can assist you in all such scenarios. You will just need a USB interface to get optimum light for which you can connect to your laptop, notebook, or mobile through an OTG cable.

The neck is flexible and convenient that enables you to adjust and use it in any direction you want. At a very inexpensive price, this stands as the perfect choice for your post-dawn activities.

Pros –

  • All the pieces offer enough brightness.
  • Compact and lightweight,
  • Quality is much up to the mark.
  • Great value for money is very much pocket-friendly.

Cons –

  • Few customers reported that out of 4, one or two get heated up during prolonged use.

7. XERGY strip light USB LED (1m, 5V)

Best usb led strip

Product Description –

If you want to get a TV background color, then this is the best strip USB led light that can extend for 1 meter for up to 32” TVs.

It comes with a small controller on the end of the strip that helps you to customize the settings for regulating flash, adjusting the brightness level and speed. You will not experience any eye strain, fatigue with this light.

The twenty different colors of this light will create a different mood and flavor. Thus go for this USB led light as it is a perfect choice for the decoration of your home and get a nice experience for your eyes.

Pros –

  • A lot of colors to choose from.
  • Great to reduce eye strain.
  • The wire is long enough.

Cons –

  • The strip lacks pure white color but it is of very good quality.

8. SaleOn USB led lamp for work/study

Flexible usb led lamp

Product Description –

Lastly, this is also one of the best USB led light for work at night or in dim light scenarios. It is a flexible and portable, durable led light that you can use to get optimum benefits.

It is an excellent choice for a USB led light that is long-lasting with super brightness. It is equipped with flexible bellows that can rotate and bend so that you can change the direction as you wish.

This is smooth and light in weight that enables you to carry wherever you want. You can just plug this USB led light into anything USB interface for switching it on. It is very energy efficient as power consumption is almost less than 40mA.

Pros –

  • Nice and excellent quality.
  • Flexible, convenient, and portable.
  • Super brightness and illumination.
  • Great value for money is very much pocket-friendly.

Cons –

  • Few customers felt that it is very bright for laptop uses.

How can you choose the best USB led lights? | Buyer’s Guide –

This section has been included to help you choose the best USB led lights in India 2021.

  • The type of USB led lights

Commonly, you will find two types of USB led lights, namely the strip lights and the LED lamp lights. Thus, you have to think about the purpose of the use of those lights and then choose the type that you need. For decoration, it is more likely to go with the strip lights whereas for reading or working, it is more suitable to go with the led lamp lights.

  • Number of LEDs

If you need more brightness in an area, then it is better to go with those that have multiple LEDs. Normally for working in the dark, you can go with the lamp ones that have a bright LED.

  • Material

You must read the specifications of the item before purchasing to get an understanding of the material used. As for strip lights, it is important to check the wire material for which copper is one of the best choices.

  • Brightness

Here brightness does not mean that the light has to be super bright. You must check that the lights are enough bright so that you do not face any problem during some activity. For this, you can go through the specifications and the reviews of the buyers to get an idea.

  • Length

This is an important factor if you are planning to buy a strip LED light. This determines the area that it can cover. So check the length of the wire for the strip USB led lights to get a rough estimate of the area that it can illuminate.

  • Durability and lasting

You must check the durability of the LED light that you are going to buy so that you don’t end up wasting your money after few months for buying a new one again. 

  • Flexibility and portability

It is a major factor that the LED light is flexible enough so that you can adjust the direction in the way you want. Coming to portability these are usually light in weight, so you can carry them easily wherever you need them.

These are the major factors that are to be checked before purchasing a USB led light. However, if you still find it confusing we request you to consult the above list of 10 best USB led light in India 2021.

USB LED light uses –

Maybe you have got a glimpse of USB led light uses from the products reviewed above. Still, we want to explain briefly about the USB led light uses here.

Reading Light – Do you want to prepare for the last revision before the exam tomorrow but as you stay in a hostel, you have to switch off the lights as your roommate wants to sleep early at night? No worries, just plug in these USB led lights in any USB interfaces like power banks or to your mobile via an OTG cable and carry on reading.

Working Light – Are you worried that you have a night shift today but how can you work with the room lights off! Use these USB led lights for laptops and carry on working in the night shift easily without disturbing your parents or roommates.

Front Camera Light – You can connect these USB led lights via an OTG cable to your mobile and use it as a flashlight for your front cameras if your mobile does not have an in-built front camera flashlight.

Emergency light – For sudden power cuts, you can use these lights as an alternative to those conventional emergency lights by plugging them in a household wall outlet, but just make sure that it has been designed as a USB interface.

So, what more do you want with these little inexpensive gadgets? Just go and select any one model as per your choice and start exploring post-dawn activities easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Q1. What are the best USB led light brands in India?

  • Among so many brands, we want to highlight Mansaa, SaleOn, Crazo Fashion, Opple, Warm, XERGY, etc. as the best USB light brands in India.

Q2. Are these LED lights harmful to health?

  • This query has a dual answer that is yes and no. If you use it for prolonged hours then the radiation of any light source is not good, it can hamper your health. So, controlled usage is recommended.

Q3. Are these LED lights long-lasting?

  • Yes, if you store them properly without falling from hands, then it can last for more than 3 years or 5 years.

Q4. What are the USB led light uses?

  • There are many uses of these USB led lights. Though the most common uses include working or reading in the dark, there are some other uses too. You can go through the above section to get these in more detail.

Wrapping it up…

Hope you have enjoyed going through the best USB led light in India 2021 with Buyer’s Guide and other necessary information. We have tried to keep this guide short without missing any relevant items that you should be aware of. 

Thanks for staying with us till the end, looking forward to meeting you soon!

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