Samsung S4 – Is it Dangerous to Life?

Earlier there was a time in 2014 when Samsung batteries were getting blast and there were so many people who have encountered this. But now the situation is not same as Samsung has improved their battery life and they are very safe.

I would like to tell you my personal experience with Samsung S4. Usually, when I play games or watch movies my samsung S4 get too hot especially on the back panel just above the battery.

One day my S4 grow too hot immediately I opened the back panel of my phone and took out the battery on the table. I couldn’t believe it blasted in front of my eyes spewing out a dense smoke. The battery expanded like a baloon.

I feel very lucky that I took out the battery otherwise worst could have happened. I feel I am blessed because my phone wasn’t in my pocket I can’t imagine what would be the result of that.

The phone was not getting charged or it wasn’t connected to any kind of wire. If you see the picture the kind of mark exploded battery left on the table there is no chance human skin can withstand in this situation.

Samsung S4 - Is it Dangerous to Life
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It happened with lots of people around the world and Samsung got huge number of complaints from market at that time. Samsung should have been more careful about the batteries before releasing phones into the market.

Few lessons I learnt after this incident :

  • Men are more prone to these incidents as they carry phones in their pocket. Women have advantage of keeping phones in their handbags.
  • We all have received whatsapp and facebook forwars about phone getting exploded during charging. Start taking them seriously as it’s not only limited to charging.
  • Whenever you feel your phone is heating up stop using it immediately. Leave it for sometime to cool.

As these were the cases from past but now the situation is changed. You must be wondering why would someone use the Samsung phone again in the future but I must say Samsung took care of this really well and now their phones are safe.

Now I am using Samsung M31 which is the best selling phone on Amazon. And, the best part it doesn’t heat much even after playing games. So, I guess this issue is resolved.

Let me know your thoughts on this through comments.

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